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Samuel Franks

Daddy Sammy - We look forward to seeing you this Father's Day and enjoying your stories -- and BBQ! God bless. Kim, Ted, Tyler and Jade

Jim B.

Dad - you are my hero forever. Thanks for all your guidance and support. Happy Father's Day! Jim Jr. and Sue

Eric D.

Happy Father's Day Grandpa Eric! We can't wait to see you. Ashley, Hanna, Luke and Jack

Paul Bennet

Pop - Happy Father's Day! Love your sons Pete, Jake, Stan and Aaron.

Robert "Bob" Aguilar

In loving memory of my Father. JoAnn and I will miss and love you always.


Steven Larson

You're a great Dad just like your Father was! Nikki and I love you and appreciate all your hard work.
- Becca

Rodney Clark


We'll celebrate you today like we always would. We all wish you were here with us to enjoy it. God Bless.

Jen and Jake

Uncle Ron

You were as much a Father as an Uncle. I'll never forget your "words of wisdom". Thank you for everything.
- Pat

Leon Norris

You went to young Leo. We'll conquer this awful disease yet.

Grandpa Detweiler

I was too young to know you had ALZ. But I loved the way your face lit up when you remembered planting flowers in front of your church! Love Julie

Chas Wiley

Gramps, your spirit will forever be a part of the family. I love and miss you.

Bob Hodges

We all miss you lots! A better father and uncle there has never been.
- The Hodges
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