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Alzheimer research is inadequately funded or facing cuts that jeopardize scientific progress. Be the voice of change – tell our elected officials that Alzheimer's disease is a national priority that demands attention now. Your message will help Congress decide on important Alzheimer issues. Demand a plan to fight Alzheimer's!

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What: Share your personal story about the impact of Alzheimer's on you and your family, and your concerns about what will happen if we don't address this epidemic.

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Alzheimer's is a serious threat to our nation's healthcare system. Medicare and Medicaid spending on Alzheimer care already exceeds $110 billion. By 2015, Medicare spending on beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s will reach $189 billion and Medicaid costs will be nearly $30 billion.

Alzheimer's creates hardship for countless families as they struggle to provide the best care that they can for loved ones. This disease poses a threat to families' well-being and financial security.

Champions acting together raise the urgency of our message and generate the action necessary from our lawmakers to address this disease.