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A personal connection to the disease is what weaves together these individuals and is what drives them to fight Alzheimer's. Listen to some of our Alzheimer's Association Champions share their personal experiences and why they got involved with our cause.
Individuals with Alzheimer's Celebrity Champions

Video: Behind the scenes at the Champions photo shoot

Champion celebrities, such as David Hyde Pierce, Dick Van Dyke, Victor Garber and Olympia Dukakis, embraced our awareness campaign by wearing our signature MOVE, OPEN and VOICE T-shirts. Many also shared how Alzheimer's disease touched their lives.


Individuals with Alzheimer's
"I'm better able to say to people that I have Alzheimer's."
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"We had a lot of friends. We don't see them very much anymore."
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"A challenge for me is that I'm lonely."
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"She leaned over to me and said, 'You know, I've got Alzheimer's.' And I said, 'I do too.' That's how we can combat stereotypes."
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"There are things I can't do, but they don't matter anymore."
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"I got Alzheimer's. So the question is, what do you do about it?"
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Celebrity Champions

Jack Ford and Kate Mulgrew
"It's a devastating disease, and we need to do whatever we can to help."

"If we don't work as a collective now, I think it will be one of those unforeseeable, unspeakable pandemics."

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Peter Gallagher and Vivica A. Fox
"When someone in your family has Alzheimer's, and you see what happens, it's heartbreaking."

"You never know when this may affect your family."

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Victor Garber and Shelley Fabares
"The healthcare system cannot handle the number of people that will be stricken with this disease."

"The people we are trying to help cannot speak for themselves any longer."

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Bob Goen
"Unless people are aware of it, then the dollars don't come in, and the spotlight is not on it, then nothing happens."

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David Hyde Pierce
"I lost my grandfather and dad to the disease. The Association helped me deal with the loss and makes me feel this is a battle we can still win."

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