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Grants Overview Types of Grants Process and Timeline Funded Studies

The Alzheimer's Association International Research Grant Program lies at the heart of our commitment to advance Alzheimer's research. Since awarding our first grants in 1982, the Association has grown into the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer's research, awarding over $405 million to more than 2,600 best-of-field grant proposals.

Our program

The Alzheimer's Association International Research Grant Program funds investigations that advance our understanding of Alzheimer's disease, help identify new treatment strategies, provide information to improve care for people with dementia, and further our knowledge of brain health and disease prevention. Our awards support investigators at every professional stage and always include categories specifically designed to help talented young scientists establish careers in Alzheimer's research. Our entire grant portfolio is structured to meet the needs of the field and to nurture fresh ideas. Learn more about the types of grants we fund.

The Association, under the direction of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Council, works to identify and fund a wide range of the most promising projects, from basic biological science to studies addressing social and behavioral aspects of Alzheimer's. The studies we've invested in have enabled significant advances across the research spectrum in such areas as diagnosis, genetics, treatments, prevention, early detection and enhancing quality of life. Learn more about our funded scientists and what they're doing to change the future of dementia diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention: Spotlight on Researchers.

For people living with Alzheimer's, every discovery offers new hope. Our grants program is a vital source of support for the worldwide scientific effort to build our knowledge base and conquer this complex disease.

Recently funded Alzheimer's research threads

Our grants program has funded some of the most important research threads in Alzheimer's science. These threads move the field forward by contributing to knowledge about Alzheimer's, refining research questions, and yielding clues to causes and treatments.

See list of research threads

Presinilin effect on amyloid production
Effects of oxidative stress and inflammation in AD
Genetic impact of APP/PS1
Messenger RNA and AD
Multiple mechanisms of cholinergic pathways in AD
Vascular contribution to AD
ABeta and synapses
Calcium dysregulation and AD
Heat shock proteins and AD
Cytokines and AD
Proteases and AD
Protein misfolding and AD
Role of IL1 in AD
APP transmembrane and intracellular domains
Aggregation of ABeta and effects of oligomers
Role of glutamate dyshomeostasis in AD
Tau toxicity in AD
New PET ligands for diagnosing AD (Not PIB)
High intensity MRI
Role of RAGE in AD
Role of BDNF in AD
Inhalation anesthetics and AD
Development of new scales for AD including pain and clinical meaningfulness
Cholesterol and AD
Beta-catenin and synaptic pathology and AD
Growth hormone treatment of MCI
Vaccines for AD
Neurotrophins and AD
Protein traffic in AD
Neuropil threads and AD
Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in frontotemporal dementia
Potassium channels and AD
Insulin and insulin-degrading enzyme in AD
Role of ubiquitin in AD
BACE and BACE inhibitors in AD
Role of APOe in AD and possible therapeutic possibilities
Programmed cell death in AD
Down syndrome and AD
Patient ability to consent in AD
Role of copper and zinc in AD
Glial system and AD
Role of hormone replacement therapy in AD
Metal chelators and AD
Biomarkers for AD
EEG and diagnosis of AD
Differences in AD in minority communities
Blood pressure control and AD


Guiding principles of our grants program

The driving force behind the Alzheimer's Association International Grants Program is our desire to improve quality of life for people affected by Alzheimer's. Key goals include:

  • Achieving new insights into the basic biology of Alzheimer's and other dementias
  • Using these insights to identify novel approaches to risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Improving care and support for those living with the disease
  • Furthering our understanding of brain health and prevention

We seek to:

  • Foster a diverse, inclusive scientific community that meet the needs of researchers at every career stage, from new investigators to current thought leaders.
  • Design a nimble program offering grant categories that evolve to reflect a rapidly accelerating field.
  • Ensure the quality of our funded research through rigorous peer review and the oversight of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Council.
  • Support all scientifically legitimate avenues of investigation to nurture a robust pipeline of fresh ideas.

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