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Research Grants 2015

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2015 Grants - Ta

Culturally Tailored Program to Reduce Stress Among Vietnamese Caregivers

Van Ta, Ph.D.
San Jose State University Research Foundation
San Jose, California

2015 Mentored New Investigator Research Grant to Promote Diversity

What are the unique needs and stressors of Vietnamese-American caregivers?

Little is known about dementia and dementia caregiving among Vietnamese-Americans, the fourth largest Asian-American group. Many of the Asian-American cultural groups share traditional values that affect dementia care, including stigma of dementia and its treatment and a strong emphasis on family-based care. These factors may contribute to the reluctance of Vietnamese-American caregivers to use formal support or long-term care services, consequently affecting their health as a caregiver. Lack of extended family members in the U.S. to help care for elders with dementia puts an even greater stress on caregivers. In addition, the trauma many Vietnamese-Americans encountered during and after the Vietnam War may leave them uniquely vulnerable to the psychological stress of caregiving.

Research Plan
In an effort to better meet the needs of this population of caregivers, Van Ta, Ph.D., and colleagues will develop a culturally tailored, face-to-face, 4-week cognitive-behavioral skills training program for 60 Vietnamese caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The research team will translate dementia education materials into Vietnamese language using a team of mental health professionals. The researchers will evaluate if the culturally tailored intervention can reduce the risk of depression and caregiver stress compared to standard educational materials on dementia.

The study will create new, culturally tailored materials to support Vietnamese-American caregivers. This is important because currently available information focuses primarily on the disease itself and not on caregiver coping skills. These studies will also generate new knowledge about Asian-American caregivers, a group that has been underrepresented in research. If successful, these materials can be made widely available to health care providers and researchers who serve Vietnamese-Americans across the U.S.

Alzheimer's Association International Conference | July 16-20, 2017, London, England

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